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We're all about keeping
products made in Australia

Our Mission

In Australia, we are very lucky to have access to some of the best natural remedies in the world, but many of these products are manufactured overseas. The most popular balm in Australia is manufactured overseas (China). The wellness balm industry is booming and there’s no sign of it slowing down. With millions of dollars being spent on this kind of product each year, why isn’t more Australian manufacturing happening? That’s where we come in.

There are many other products out there on the market for pain relief. Many balms contain Australian products but are made by international companies with manufacturing facilities located overseas. The money you pay for the product ends up supporting an offshore business making little social or economic contribution to Australia.

Our Product
Teager Balm is 100% Australian Made and is free from toxic ingredients and hidden preservatives that can irritate your skin. We don’t include preservatives, as the base for our product is a shelf-stable natural wax. We don’t include petrochemicals, as we wanted our product to be sustainable for the long term without the toxic effects, and we believe the best place for petrol is in cars or left in the ground, not used in products to be rubbed on our skin.

Sustainability & Planet-Friendly

Another of our key values is keeping our product sustainable.  Some of our competitors have used petrochemicals as the basis for their balms, or animal products such as beeswax, adversely impacting the planet and our natural environment. Our competitors also package their goods in non-reusable plastic tubes, so the packaging can only be recycled, never re-used.

Vegan Friendly
Our vegan friendly pain relief balm does not contain petrochemicals or synthetic products and is packaged in recycled packaging that can be reused or recycled, reducing the long-term impacts on the planet.

Our Packaging
Our focus on sustainability even extends to our packaging. The balm comes in a paper box and glass container. The glass container base and card packaging can be recycled, and our containers have a biodegradable bamboo lid.

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Teager Balm Pain Relief

THe Australian-made, vegan-friendly pain relief balm

Powerful Natural Ingredient Formulation without harmful synthetic ingredients. Made with over ten extracts of natural herbs and spices, this muscle soothing balm has a fresh and uplifting scent that also offers aromatherapy benefits to help calm your body and mind.